Alan Parrish is the main character of the film, and its book adaptation.


Alan Parrish was the tritagonist in the Film Jumanji. He found the chest in the construction site for the annex of Parrish Shoes. There, under the sand in it, was Jumanji. He kept it, and, after Sarah came to give his bike back from Billy Jesup, they began playing the game, where bats came out from the game, and Alan was transported to the jungles of Jumanji. When Judy and Peter discovered the game 26 years later, they unintentionally release Alan. He refuses to play, but after reverse psychology from Peter, claims he will watch. But, when it doesn't work, he realizes he and Sarah Whittle have to play. He agrees reluctantly to play, and when he reveals he isn't dead to Sarah, she faints.


He has a rather pessimistic outlook on the game at first, but eventually he finds himself "right at home" with all the familiar things released from Jumanji. He gets rather firm and strict, blaming Peter for the Pelican stealing the Board game. Later, he barely gives Peter credit for retrieving the game, until he becomes guilty when Peter began de-evolving, and he gets more guilty that he became his father even after 26 years in the Jungle.


When a kid, he wore a striped, sky blue shirt, and jeans. When released from the game, he was wearing only leaves.

Alan adulto

Robin Williams in the role of adult Alan

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