Nora Shepherd, is one of the supporting characters in the original Jumanji film and animated series. She is portrayed by Bebe Neuwirth in the movie and voiced by Melanie Chartoff in the TV show.


Nora is a very beautiful woman, and "particular", but she is also a strong woman, but at the same time scary. Her determination to convert the Parrish Mansion was foiled by Peter's trauma causing him to have problems at his new school from his silent demanor and Judy's lies often led to fallings out with her. Nora's hidden timidness was put to the test when the presence of Bats in her new house sacred her more than she would admit, but her encounters with a stampede, Monkey, Pod, Crocodiles, Lion and transformed Peter proved to be far too much for her to bear.


Nora, after the death of her brother and her sister-in-law which occurred as a result of a car accident in Canada, took their children Judy and Peter under her care and moved to Brantford, New Hampshire to start a new life with them. With assistance from Mrs Thomas, 26 years after Alan Parrish went missing without a trace, Nora bought the empty Parrish Mansion at a reduced rate intending to build a bed & breakfast with the size of the house and the large collection of furniture.

On her way home from the permit office two days later, Nora listened to the radio about the events going on in Brantford before being spooked by the stampede, and losing control of her car when a Monkey unknowingly hitched a ride with her. When narrowly missing a Pod's vine, she tried to catch a ride with Officer Carl Bentley, but they were forced to continue on foot after he lost his squad car to the Pod.

After the Monsoon, Nora finally reached the Mansion, shocked and dismayed at the overgrown Mansion, Alan's legs ticking out from the ceiling and the Lion inside her bedroom. Seeing her nephew Peter transformed into a monkey was the last straw for Nora, and ran backwards in overwhelming trauma and became trapped in a land-sliding closet. To make sure that she doesn't disturb them, while they play with Jumanji and thus be able to put everything as it was before, Peter closed her inside the closet to keep her out of the way.

Her fate is unknown after time was reversed by Alan finally winning Jumanji.

An abridged version of Nora Shepherd appears in the animated series, as the guardian of Judy and Peter Shepherd. On occasion, the game has taken her into the dimension of Jumanji as well, often being the one the solves the clue to escaping, but her memory is always erased with vivid traces left behind.