Peter and Judy return to Jumanji in their quest to save Alan and are given the clue "A trick in rhyme saves time." After escaping the fearsome Manji Tribe, Alan, Peter and Judy, encounter the malicious and cunning Trader Slick who holds a valuable artifact that can release Alan from Jumanji, a "Get Out of Jumanji Free" card. Judy tricks Slick into taking a broken watch for the card. Alan is allowed to leave, but the trio realize that time in the real world has frozen to a stop. Judy promised Slick that the watch keeps perfect time, so Jumanji holds her to her word and as long as Slick has the watch, time stands still in the outside world. They return to Jumanji, but Slick refuses to return the watch unless they deliver him Van Pelt's hunting hat! They obtain it, but Slick reneges after he "receives" a shipment of hats just like Van Pelt's. They steal a spear from the Manjis, but again Slick reneges the deal. Judy tricks Slick again into trading the watch for a mystery box. Slick opens it to find nothing in it—throughout the episode, Slick states that he "Wants nothing, needs nothing," but opening the box causes time to return to normal and solves their clue returning Peter and Judy. Alan can't follow as his Get Out of Jumanji Free card was used already.

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