Brantford: The Game is the 16th Episode of the Jumanji animated series.


Judy is asked a math problem in class and doesn't know the answer and the one she gives gets her made fun of. Upon returning home, she and Peter play Jumanji and she gets the clue "solving problems is a game, the highest point should be your aim" before being sucked in. The two arrive near a lion cub and are attacked by its mother. They are forced to jump over a ravine and while hanging onto the edge they're cornered by Van Pelt but saved by Alan who gives him the lion cub and swings away with Judy and Peter leaving Van Pelt to be attacked by the mother. After hearing their clue Alan takes them to the Temple of the Skiwans (Jumanji inhabitants who supposedly found a way to escape) where they're attacked by giant roaches but escape into a secret passageway. There they find Brantford: The Game, apparently a Brantford version of Jumanji. The tokens for the game are Alan, Peter and Judy as well. Alan rolls and they get the clue "knowledge is key to this illusion, ignorance is no solution" and are sucked into Brantford. There they encounter a warped version of Aunt Nora and a much bigger version of the neighborhood dog. Chased by the monster dog, they realize they're not really in Brantford but in another game like Jumanji. Peter manages to trap the dog in a tunnel and they set to work on solving their clue. They try the school and encounter Manji like versions of Rock and his friends, but all that ends up happening is the school is destroyed by acid. They try the library next but only end up releasing creatures from the books and encountering Van Bentley, an Officer Bentley version of Van Pelt. After escaping that they figure that perhaps the two clues are simply two parts of one clue and head to the observatory, the highest point in Brantford. There they find a bunch of equations and are captured by a warped version of Judy's teacher who sets each up in a fatal trap and gives them a problem to solve as Brantford requires brain power to be beaten. Judy realizes the question is just like the one the teacher gave her and solves it and saves herself, Alan and Peter. The teacher is shocked as no one ever succeeded before and they all leave Brantford as Judy solved Alan's Brantford clue which returns him to Jumanji and the kids home as they also solved their Jumanji clue. There they encounter Aunt Nora wearing a green face mask and run away as she resembles her warped self.