Should have been a fireman...
—Carl Bentley

Carl Bentley is a supporting character in the original Jumanji film and the animated series.


He was a close friend of Alan Parrish, and an employee nicknamed "Soleman" of Samuel Parrish's shoe company until he got fired from the Parrish Shoe Factory for a machine being damaged by his prototype shoe that Alan accidentally left on a conveyor belt. Due to the closure of Parrish Shoes and the loss of his job, Carl became a police officer since 1974 but sometimes wished he became a fire fighter instead.

After Alan is freed from the "Jumanji" game, Carl was in the middle of communicating with officer Lorraine on the radio and bumped into Alan while driving, (not knowing who he was) and asking Judy and Peter if this unknown man is related to him before the monkeys fool around with his police car, forcing him to go after the monkeys. While trying to investigate at the old Parrish place, he saw Van Pelt hunting Alan and tried to arrest him, but Van Pelt open fired on Carl and damaged his police car. After the quartet retrieved the Jumanji game from the Pelican, Carl then took Alan in for questioning before he eventually recognized Alan and came to a complete stop while Alan tried to explain the strange happenings around Brantford, but handcuffs him to his car and attempts to leave before overhearing from Carl's radio about a hostage situation in the Sir Sav-A-Lot store. Alan then helped Carl drive to the store where Alan could stop Van Pelt and reunite with the kids and Sarah.

Carl used a hacksaw to cut off the cuffs and radioed Lorraine for backup at the old Parrish place, but he went unanswered due to monkeys infiltrating the police station. Nora Shepherd (whose car had just been totaled) then sought his attention for a lift back to the old Parrish place but Carl finally lost his car to a pod, forcing them to continue on foot. They reached the mansion and heard screaming inside, so Carl tried to open kick the front door down but ended up draining the mansion of the monsoon and sailed down the streets on the doors while being spooked by the crocodiles.

After Alan finally wins the game and time is reversed, Alan tells his dad that he caused the accident in the factory, not Carl, as Carl gets his old job back. Towards the end of the film, he is seen at a Christmas Party in Alan's house playing his guitar and Carl still works at the Parrish Shoe Factory as the Plant president when Alan took over his dad's business due to Sam's retirement and living in a retirement home elsewhere.

An abridged version of Carl Bentley appears in the Jumanji animated series, essentially filling in the same role he did in the film. Officer Carl Bentley frequently patrols the neighborhood of the Old Parrish Place, while his misfortunate antics from the film were repeated in the Price episode such as being blown away when trying to enter the Parrish Mansions while selling police raffle tickets and Monkeys stealing his squad car out from under him.

In Truth or Consequently, when the trio appeared to have succeeded in releasing Alan until they realised the game turn wasn't over, Nora called Officer Bentley to arrest Alan after she mistakenly believed he was after her kids. Due to the ongoings of the truth or lie creatures, Bentley and Nora are caught up in misfortunate circumstances like the 1995 film.

Jumanji Brantford The Game

Van Bentley on the Brantford game box painting.

In an inner dimension of Jumanji exists a mockery of Brantford known as Brantford: The Game, where a hostile fusion between Officer Bentley and Van Pelt threatens players, especially if they didn't bring library cards into the library. Like Van Pelt, Van Bentley's portrait is on the front painting of the Brantford game box.

In Stormy Weather, Bentley and his wife were invited to the Parrish Mansion by Nora, who managed to have a presentable house in the nick of time thanks to Judy and Peter cooperating to clean up their mess, referencing the original story book scenario.

In The Intruder, Officer Bentley arrives in the nick of time to arrest Jack for breaking into the Parrish Mansion after he noticed the smashed attic window from outside. Jack was glad to be out of Jumanji and pleaded Bentley to take him in.

Deleted sceneEdit

A deleted scene from the film reveals that Alan has taken up his father's mantle as the CEO of Parrish Shoes, having made Carl the president.