Jumanji is a European exclusive game for the PlayStation 2.

Gameplay Edit

Like the Board game, 1-4 players take turns rolling dice to try and reach the center of the board, competing in a series of minigames.

  • Fishing: Spear fishing mini game. Highest score wins. Larger fish score more points.
  • Vulture Attack: Throw Rocks at vultures to stop them attacking you.
  • Turtle Attack: Stop turtles capsizing your raft. Knock turtles into other players to try and capsize them.
  • Rapids: Navigate rapids ofa river while avoiding obstacles.
  • Maze: Navigate maze to find fruit in order to gain points, avoid lions.
  • Insect Swarm: Dodge the insects and collect the fruit. Highest score at the end of time wins
  • Climbing: Climb rock face avoiding boulders and vultures.
  • Slap Monkeys: Slap monkeys to pevent them getting into your tent.
  • Swat Bugs: Swat bugs and prevent them getting into your tent.
  • Mud Hut Destruction: Destroy opponents Mud huts.
  • Stampede: Run with stampede and avoid getting trampled.
  • Clearing Stampede: Avoid charging animals in clearing.

Reception Edit

As with all games published by Blast Entertainment, Jumanji received massively negative reviews, and was cited as being poorly made. It has even been called a "cheap Mario Party Clone." Having much less variety with only 12 minigames which repeat often.

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