Jumanji is an American animated television series that was inspired by the movie based on the book of the same name. The series ran for three seasons from 1996 to 1999. In 1996, it was carried by the UPN Kids network, but later seasons were syndicated by BKN. The series was also shown by CITV in the United Kingdom and on Russian RTR channel. Jumanji was produced by Adelaide Productions, with character designs by Everett Peck. Episodes of the show are now available on Netflix, iTunes and Hulu.


While it followed the movie's plot, there were a few changes such as the exclusion of Bonnie Hunt's character Sarah, and the age and relationship of the policeman Carl Bentley (played by David Alan Grier in the movie) was changed somewhat. Van Pelt appears in some episodes. Each turn the player was given a "game clue" and then sucked into the jungle until they solved their clue, and Robin Williams' character, Alan, was stuck in Jumanji because he had never seen his clue; helping Alan try to leave the game provided the characters' motivation during the series. Also, Peter would sometimes be transformed into various animals. The kids also free another player trapped longer than Alan. Unlike Alan he saw his clue but never solved it, but with the kids' help he solves it. He called himself the Master of Jumanji and tried to get other people to solve his clue for him, but once Alan points out that his clue (the Gateless Gate) is an illusion of Jumanji's and he accepts it, it solves his clue. It's also revealed that like Judy and Peter, Alan would never have been able to survive his first day in Jumanji without help as he possessed poor survival skills at the time. Ironically his help came in the form of Judy and Peter from the future (to him anyway) who help him survive and teach him a few of the survival tricks they'd learned from him. In return, the 10 year old version of Alan helps Judy and Peter return to their time, but later hits his head and forgets meeting them. In the first episode, Alan reveals that there have been other players of the game throughout time, many of whom left their toys in the cave which is part of his home, but not all of them survived the game. In the final episode, using a crystal that shows the past, the kids and Alan find his clue by observing his roll and what the game said, and figure out why he never saw it: right after he rolled his mom called him to dinner and as he was leaving, the clue displayed while he had his back turned and he got sucked in. Alan's clue was, "An act of kindness where there is no light, will help to save you from your plight." Once he knew his clue, Alan solved it with Judy and Peter's help and escaped Jumanji. Alan's clue required him to pull a thorn from a lions paw which finally set him free. Outside the kids decide to destroy Jumanji forever now that Alan's free, ending the series.

In the series it is revealed that Jumanji is sentient to a degree and on occasion has sucked in Judy and Peter if they make it "angry".


Voice Artist Character Info Image
Bill Fagerbakke Alan Parrish The main protagonist. He originally lived in the Parrish Mansion but played Jumanji and was trapped within Jumanji's realm for 23 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days until he first met Judy & Peter. 
23 years 5 months 2 weeks 4 days
Ashley Johnson Peter Shepherd The secondary protagonist. He is the younger Shepherd. A cocky, thrill seeking kid who is often picked on by Jumanji itself and Rock at school.
Eye of the Sea
Debi Derryberry Judy Shepherd The tertiary protagonist. A bossy know-it-all and the eldest Shepherd. She originally had a tendency to lie.
Jumanji 14
Melanie Chartoff Nora Shepherd The aunt and guardian of the Shepherd children. She has a tough but fair demanour, sometimes being brought into Jumanji for the turn but always ended up dismissing the events or had her memory erased.
Sherman Howard Van Pelt The main big game hunter and main antagonist of Jumanji's jungles. His hunting skills and subjects knows no limits, especially when pursing his favourite sport, Alan Parrish.
Jumanji Van Pelt Lion Cub
Tim Curry Trader Slick The devious travelling and stationary merchant of Jumanji. His "Honest John" style of dealership often guarantees no-one's satisfaction but his own.
Trader Slick
William Sanderson Professor Ibsen The mad scientist and inventor of Jumanji. He can make almost anything, which tends to be fantastic, killing steampunk creatures, but he does not know why he invents them, as he "serves" Jumanji to enhance it.
Professor ibsen 4
Richard Allen Officer Bentley An officer of Brantford Police. He is often the subject of misfortune whenever Jumanji manifests itself in Brantford.
Bentley TV
Richard Allen Stalker The terrifying grim reaper of Jumanji. He appears when Jumanji's need is dire and will stop at nothing to undo the damage or threat to allow the game to survive and still be played from the outside world.
Jumanji Stalker
Richard Allen Tribal Bob and Manjis Jumanji's aboriginal tribe. They are fearsome bloodthirsty warriors who no man may call friend unless they can be otherwise reasoned with.
Pamela Adlon Rock The Brantford School bully and gang leader who often antagonises Peter for no reason, but may be due to being the newest kid in the neighbourhood and living in the finest house.
Rock TV
Kevin Schon Dead-Eye A friend of Rock's.
Rocks Gang
Beverly Archer Peter's Teacher Peter's strict school teacher.
Edward Asner The Judge A harsh but just lawgiver who trials anyone with breaking laws and sentencing them to life on Detention Island or eventual execution. Asner also voiced the Repairman as an allegory of the episode's moral lesson.
Ape Judge
René Auberjonois Professor Alsip
Bob Bergen Science Teacher
Cam Clarke Adult Peter Shepherd, Justin Galloway
Dabney Coleman Aston Philips Jumanji's greedy treasure hunter and explorer. His determination to obtain whatever he seeks makes him ignorant of other's safety, even his own.
Aston Philips
Jim Cummings Sand King A treasure hungry tyrant who rules Jumanji's sand people. The only thing missing from his hoard is a chest of cursed gold that transforms anyone that touches it into suitable animals.
Sand King
Tony Jay Master of Jumanji Originally believed to be the intelligence and controller behind Jumanji's mechanics but was revealed to be yet another long time trapped player by the game's cruel consequences
Master of jumanji
Bob Joles Coach Bartlett Peter's pushy school coach.
Roddy McDowall Furvish the humble The translator and only english speaking member of the Jumaki Tribe who befriends the trio in their struggle against what they belied to be the "black cloud".
Jumanji jumaki
Cathy Moriarty Queen Gina Queen of the warrior Jamazon Tribe. She wanted to marry Alan against his will as the Jamazon tradition has the groom sacrificed when they are pronounced.
Jamazon Queen Gina
Charles Napier Captain Ishmael Squint A sailor and Jumanji's equivalent to Ahab of Moby Dick literature.
Captain Ishmael Squint
Alan Oppenheimer Ludwig Von Richtor An aristocratic german big game hinter and rival to Van Pelt. He competed with his rival to hunt and obtain Alan's head for his wall.
Ludwig Von Richtor
Bibi Osterwald Ms. Desmona A cranky old Brantford woman that ends up taking Jumanji and being pulled inside herself, becoming a wicked witch.
Charlie Schlatter Flint, Wade Riley Created as a Gorgon by Jumanji as an attempt to mess with Judy's broken heart after her affections being rejected by Wade at school.
Flint (Jumanji)


Susan Blu - Dialogue Director

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  • On August 28, 2012, Sony Pictures released Jumanji: The Complete First Season on DVD in region 1. This was a Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release, available exclusively in the US and is part of the Sony Pictures Choice Collection in partnership with Warner Bros. online store. It is also available through and their CreateSpace MOD program.
  • On February 17, 2015, Mill Creek Entertainment re-released season 1 on DVD in Region 1.
  • On August 1, 2017, Mill Creek Entertainment released the complete series on DVD in Region 1 for the very first time.
  • The first two episodes were included on the 2018 HMV Jumanji Steelbook, which was deliberately released to coincide with the new Jumanji film. Along with the episodes, the Steelbook included the 1995 Jumanji film, an animated edition of the original Jumanji storybook read by author Chris Van Allsburg and a sneak peek at Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.



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