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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (alternately known as Jumanji 2) is a sequel to the original Jumanji.

The story follows four high school students who discover Jumanji, which has reformed itself as a video game.


In 1996, in Brantford, New Hampshire, teenager Alex Vreeke receives the Jumanji board game, found by his father on a beach. When Alex dismisses it, the game transforms into a video game cartridge. When he plays it, he is sucked into the game.

Twenty years later, four students in Brantford High School are placed in detention together: Spencer Gilpin, who is writing essays for his former friend, Anthony "Fridge" Johnson (who is also in detention), and Bethany Walker and Martha Kaply have both disrespected their respective teachers during class. Assigned to clear out the school's basement, the four find Jumanji, now a five-player action-adventure console game. With one of the playable characters (video game avatars) inaccessible, the teens select the others, and are sucked into the game.

They find themselves in a jungle, each now in the forms of their game avatars. Spencer is a tough, muscular explorer named Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Fridge is a short zoologist named Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (whom he had selected upon misreading the name as "Moose"), Bethany is an overweight, male cartographer named Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon, (she too was mislead,) and Martha is a gorgeous commando and martial art expert named Ruby Roundhouse. They soon realize that they are in a video game, and each have three lives. If they lose all three, they will actually die. Each of their avatars also comes with special skills and weaknesses.

They learn from Nigel, an NPC, that the corrupt archaeologist, Russel Van Pelt, wants to obtain a jewel, the "Jaguar's Eye", allowing him to manipulate Jumanji's animals. To escape the game, the players must return it to an enormous jaguar statue and call out "Jumanji". Along the way, the group begins to lose lives through various means. The group start working together to obtain a clue from a snake but are captured by Van Pelt's men. They are rescued by Alex, the fifth player, whose avatar is a pilot named Seaplane McDonough. Recuperating in a treehouse built by previous player Alan Parrish, Alex learns that he has been in the game for twenty years. They commandeer a helicopter and fly for the jaguar statue to return the jewel.

Arriving at the statue, the players find themselves facing Van Pelt's forces and jaguar guards. Using their resources and teamwork, the players distract the villains while Spencer returns the jewel to the statue and cries out "Jumanji!" The game ends, disintegrating Van Pelt into many rats, and the teens revert back to their former selves and return to the real world, but discover that Alex did not come with them. On their way home, they reveal that the Vreeke household – once dilapidated with Alex's disappearance – has been restored. An adult Alex appears; he emerged in 1996, and history was changed. He is now married, and named his eldest daughter after Bethany in gratitude of saving his life before leaving Jumanji.

Spencer and Fridge reconcile, Bethany becomes a more empathic person and makes plans to go backpacking from her experiences in the game, and Martha starts dating Spencer. The four hear Jumanji's drumbeats and take the game behind the school where Fridge destroys it with the bowling ball they found in detention.





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Meet the AvatarsEdit

The geekiest kid in school just became the biggest, buffest adventurer you've ever seen, but he'll learn that true courage and confidence can't be programmed.


  • Fearless
  • Speed
  • Climbing
  • Smouldering Intensity
  • Boomerang


  • Generosity

The coolest girl in school just got a harsh reality check. Trapped in the body of an overweight, middle-aged man, her looks are no longer her greatest asset.


  • Cartography
  • Archeology
  • Palaeontology


  • Endurace

When this intimidating athlete is cut down to size, he'll adjust to being the supporting player instead of the star, and discover his strength isn't his most powerful weapon.


  • Cranial Assault
  • Expert Weapons Valet


  • Cake
  • Strength
  • Speed

The girl next door is instantly transformed into a drop-dead gorgeous bombshell. Can she embrance her new look and still stay true to herself?


  • Karate
  • T'ai Chi
  • Jui-Jitsu
  • Dance Fighting


  • Venom

Parrish Treehouse 360Edit

On the official website of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, browsers can view a 360 degree tour of Alan's Jungle Treehouse. Using the mouse to examine the Porch, Bedroom and Kitchen, browsers are given the optional mission to scan the treehouse to reach for six hidden items around the treehouse to view clips from the film and select the original Jumanji board game's portraits for biographies of the four video game avatars.

Treehouse items:Edit

  • 1. Map of the Treehouse
  • 2. Alan Parrish's Journal
  • 3. Elephant Game Piece
  • 4. Finbar's Binoculars
  • 5. Seaplane's Margarita
  • 6. Jewel (Hidden item)

Portrait Biographies:Edit

  • (Porch) 1. Van Pelt: Spencer Gilpin = Dr. Smolder Bravestone
  • (Porch) 2. Rhinoceros: Anthony "Fridge" Johnson = Franklin "Mouse" Finbar
  • (Bedroom) 3. Monkey: Bethany Walker = Prof. Shelly Oberon
  • (Kitchen) 4. Elephant: Martha Kaply = Ruby Roundhouse

Rhino RunEdit

Escape Jumanji by running through fixed routes of randomised hazards and collect gems by pressing the keyboard arrows or touch screen to move left or right. The more levels the avatar progresses through, the faster the speed will become and hazards will be harder to avoid. Collecting powerups will enable the avatar to ride an Elephant for brief periods and render them invincible.



  • Dr. Smolder Bravestone = Boomerang
  • Prof. Shelly Oberon = Map
  • Franklin "Mouse" Finbar = Pic-Axe
  • Ruby Roundhouse = Stereo


  • Out of respect to the late Robin Williams his character Alan Parrish from the original movie is referenced, showing a shelter he built and lived in during his 26-year imprisonment in Jumanji. Also, one of the game's clues is an elephant idol that resembles Jumanji's old game board elephant token which Alan used in the 1995 film.
  • Originally Tom Holland was cast as Seaplane McDonough, but had to drop out because he was busy with Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). So Nick Jonas was cast in his place.
  • The film's composer, Henry Jackman composed the soundtrack for the game Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. A poster for the game can be seen in Spencer's room.
  • Despite playing teens in the movie, three of the actors are actually all grown up.
    • Alex & Madison each became a full-fledged adult, months before the film was released.
    • Morgan Turner is the only natural teenager who worked on the film.

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