These are characters from the Jumanji TV show.

Main charactersEdit

  • Alan Robert John Jason Parrish III (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) – Judy and Peter's companion in Jumanji. He has been stuck in the game since he was a boy and can only get out if he sees his original clue. According to the Jumanji database, he got trapped in Jumanji on April 3, 1972 (although in "Young Alan," he says its 1965 and in the actual movie it was 1969). In "Young Alan," he was a ten and a half year old rich kid, son of the owner of a now long shut-down shoe factory and friends with future Officer Bentley. Judy and Peter free him at the end of the show by helping him find and solve his original clue. He tries to get free throughout the series and sometimes succeeds, but always ends up trapped back in the game until he's finally freed by solving his long-lost clue. He was freed from the game by pulling a thorn from a lion's paw, which was ironic since he had encountered the same lion not long after first entering the game. It's revealed that he considers Peter and Judy his family and that his worst fear is that he has no clue and will die an old man, stuck in Jumanji with Peter and Judy spending the rest of their lives trying to free him.
  • Judith "Judy" Shepherd (voiced by Debi Derryberry) – Peter's older sister. She is smart, and gets teased for it, although her intelligence helps them solve problems. She also has boy troubles as shown in various episodes. She refers to Peter as Peabody a lot.
  • Peter Shepherd (voiced by Ashley Johnson) – Judy's younger brother. It's stated in Eye of the Sea that Peter is nine years old. He's immature and a trouble maker and constantly says "Cool Beans" although in season 2 and 3 this mostly changes to Nizer. He constantly cheats and transforms into various animals. He can also speak Manji (presumably Alan taught him) and seems to have somewhat of a friendship with them because he saved their leader Tribal Bob.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Aunt Nora Shepherd (voiced by Melanie Chartoff) – Judy and Peter's aunt and legal guardian. She is sucked into the game a couple of times, but the kids convince her it was a dream. Later after Alan is finally freed by Judy and Peter, there are indications of a possible romantic relationship between the two. She is a therapist and does aerobics which allow her in Jumanji to defeat the Jamazon Queen. While she thinks her adventures in Jumanji are a dream, they seem to help her lighten up if only for a little while afterwards.
  • Tribal Bob and the Manji Tribe (voiced by Richard Allen) – The natives of Jumanji. They are strange creatures that resemble living Masks with spear. Peter and Alan can speak their language (Click consonant). They are said in the first episode to be friends to no one, but were befriended by Peter, who becomes part of their tribe for a short time. Depending on their mood (hinted to be sensitive to certain sounds as the Manji's "hate screamers") they can be helpful or hurtful, but due to Tribal Bob, and their leader's friendship with Peter, they usually help out, with Bob even helping to secretly save Alan's life once when he couldn't outright help. Some say that the Manji Tribe were once humans or other players that gave up and became part of the tribe.
  • Officer Carl Bentley (voiced by Richard Allen) – A police officer that patrols Judy and Peter's neighborhood.
  • Rock (voiced by Pamela Adlon) – A school bully that picks on Peter.
  • Dead-Eye (voiced by Kevin Schon) – A school bully that is friends with Rock.
  • Professor J.S. Ibsen – A dangerous inventor in Jumanji responsible for many of the more 'unbelievable' threats that pop up from time to time.
  • Stalker – The caretaker and master of Jumanji. He is a frightening, skeletal being who pursues players who break the laws of Jumanji. There is no escaping him.