Law of Jumanji is the 8th Episode of the Jumanji animated series.


While taking a bath in a river, Alan is once again hunted by Van Pelt, who insists that the law of Jumanji is to hunt, or be hunted. Alan evades Van Pet but is stalked by a Crocodile, then subsequently hunted by Van Pet again until he is caught off-guard by the Monkey trio, who lure Van Pelt off into chasing them.

When Judy and Peter enter Jumanji with the clue "A hunting you will go, but will that defeat the foe?", they find Alan being bothered embarrassingly by a Meerkat biting his rear. Despite the insisting hunter reciting the the law of Jumanji is to "hunt or be hunted', being attacked by Van Pelt while trying to take a bath is the last straw for Alan, who has been plotting to get rid of Van Pelt. The trio find him hunting the apes, and lay a trap for him but he sees the trip wire and then blasts at the kids and Alan. Alan takes his gun, but then he unleashes his hunting hounds.

Judy states that they should give up trying to hunt Van Pelt on account of his invincibility and the unethical hypocrisy, but Alan and Peter decide to throw him down a bottomless pit. The plan works when Van Pelt falls into the pit but catches Alan's arm with his swagger stick as he goes in, while Alan holds onto the cliff. Peter knocks him off Alan when he takes his swagger stick out of his hand, dropping him into the abyss below. Alan is overwhelmed with delight that he will never be hunted without end by Van Pelt again.

Feeling triumphant, Peter and Judy return to the real world, with the swagger stick as a trophy, but Peter suddenly goes into trances and begins to see cars, people, and other objects as monstrous Jumanji animals. After Rock and his goons bully him in class, he goes on a rampage attacking them and speaking like Van Pelt. He flees the school, Judy follows him to the Parrish Mansion. She is shocked to see Peter with a mustache like Van Pelt, even speaking like him, so she decides to forcibly take him to Jumanji but nothing happens when she rolls the dice. Judy kicks the game, causing it to suck them in.

They discover that Alan now lives in Van Pelt's Lodge, apparently deciding to start living the hunter lifestyle instead of being the hunted. To their shock, Peter, who put on the hunter's uniform and pith helmet and now fully resembles Van Pelt hunts Alan and Judy with the hounds, whilst riding atop an elephant. Alan decides to try and make a trap for Peter/Van Pelt, but fails to see him capture Judy whilst he makes a pit.

Back at the bottomless pit, Peter/Van Pelt hangs Judy over and tries to attract Alan's attention and trap him, now fully assimilated into Van Pelt. Alan then threatens to set the hounds on him, but Peter/Van Pelt reveals that no matter what happens, Jumanji must forever have a Van Pelt, even if he is defeated the victor will simply take his place. Van Pelt insists on being defeated as he wants to take over Alan, but to stop the cycle now, Judy takes Van Pelt's swagger stick while he's distracted by Alan and throws it into the abyss where this all started. Peter returns to normal, not remembering what happened after defeating Van Pelt the first time. Alan accepts the illogical method of his ways and solves their clue knowing their are better ways to defeat the foe.

The kids return safely home, but then Van Pelt suddenly crawls out of the pit and confronts Alan about choosing what side of Jumanji's law is he on, the hunter or the hunted. Alan responds by kicking the hound horn into the pit, declaring a head start as he joyfully becomes the hunter's prey once again.


  • The "Law of Jumanji", may serve as an unintentional nod to the 1995 film where Alan forces Sarah to continue playing the game while referring to his trickery as the "Law of the Jungle".
  • The hunting Hounds do not reappear in the series again, since in Night of the Hunters, their place is taken by a duo of Weasels.
  • Peter's ability to control animals as Van Pelt was inherited by Russell Van Pelt in the 2017 film.