Peter gets tired of getting bullied by Rock. He and Judy return to Jumanji with the clue "Someone needs to be set free, only you hold the key." The two believe that means Alan is in trouble and set out to find and rescue him. Along the way, Peter becomes a Manji after saving one from a rhinoceros. Alan steals the Sacred Key of the Manjis and makes it home only to hear Judy call for help. He goes back for her and is caught with the Key being taken away from him. The Manjis have Peter burn Alan and Judy, but Peter's true self starts to emerge again at being ordered to kill his friends. Peter turns back into himself and frees Alan and Judy and sets a fire to distract the Manjis. Judy realizes their clue was about Peter not Alan and they're sent back home while Alan is forced to run from the Manjis. At home, Rock tries to bully Peter again but Peter defeats him and his friends.

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