Mr. Browning, (Budwing in the Novels) is Walter, Danny, and Lisa's father. He is played in Zathura: A Space Adventure Tim Robins.


In Jumanji, Mr. Budwing and his wife were invited to the Shepherds house after the party they attended. The adults greeted Judy and Peter, unaware of the adventure they just had playing Jumanji and merely laughed at their story.

At the beginning of the movie, Mr. Browning was seen playing catch with Walter and then Danny. Walter said it was unfair since Danny is bad at catch. Mr. Browning then had to run another copy picture of the car he drew after Danny spilled Walter's fruit punch all over his car drawing. Ever since he and his ex-wife got divorced he goes to work and left the House every Saturday. After Walter and Danny played Zathura and went on their adventure, he was seen again putting down a car drawing he ran another copy and was put into a picture and telling Walter and Danny that their mother was gonna be here to pick them up any minute.