Nigel Billingsly is a field guide within Jumanji.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Edit

In the story of the game, Nigel was hired by Russel Van Pelt to guide him through Jumanji on a quest to find the Jaguar Shrine, resting place of the Jewel of Jumanji, claiming he wished to document the jewel in his writings. However, he was instead there to claim the jewel for himself, causing a curse to befall Jumanji and possessing him with a dark power, granting him control over the jungle creatures.

Nigel begged Van Pelt to put the jewel back, but he refused, so while the camp slept that night, Nigel stole the jewel and ran, sending a letter to Dr. Smolder Bravestone to come and help him return the jewel and lift the curse.

Upon completing the game. Nigel will arrive to shake the player's hand to send them home.

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