Night of the Hunters is the 25th episode of the Jumanji animated series.


Peter and Judy are selling raffle tickets and Peter sells 20 to an old man who only meant to buy one and can't even really afford that. Judy compiles a mailing list of people, but Peter shuts off her computer and in retaliation she steal his tickets. They decide to enter Jumanji and get the clue "double crossing makes no friends, the wings of eagles make amends" before the two are sucked into the game again. Upon landing, Peter discovers the truth about his stolen raffle tickets and he and Judy argue until they're interrupted by Van Pelt. However before Van Pelt can kill them, they get interrupted by Von Richter, Van Pelt's rival. Van Pelt reveals he plans to use Judy and Peter as bait to lure in Alan who he's been hunting for 15 years and offers to let Von Richter watch. Alan falls into the trap, but Von Richter stops Van Pelt from killing him and proposes a contest between them instead with them each trying to get Alan. Von Richter reveals that after he came along, he became the best hunter in Jumanji although Van Pelt claims Von Richter just stole most of his own prizes and both want Alan for their walls. Von Richter releases Alan into his compound with a five minute head start before he and Van Pelt go after him and promises to release Alan, Peter and Judy if Alan makes it through the compound, but is in reality lying. Von Richter nearly gets Alan, but Van Pelt stops him as he still wants Alan for himself. In the cage, Peter manages to escape and frees Judy. They distract Von Richtor and Van Pelt and although Peter is caught, Von Richtor decides to let him go and Peter frees one of Von Richtor's injured eagles. Alan is nearly caught by the two hunters, but escapes while they're arguing and Van Pelt starts to sink in quicksand. Alan saves him after he tosses away the rifle, but Van Pelt tries to kill him with a pistol and fails. Alan hurts his leg in a trap, but runs into Judy and Peter afterwards. They manage to trap the two hunters in a trench and encounter the eagles again. Peter realizes that the clue means how Von Richtor double-crossed his eagles who are now on their side due to being betrayed and Peter saving one. The three escape on the eagles and as their clue was solved, Peter and Judy return home. At home Peter returns the old man's money, but lets him keep a ticket for free. Peter and Judy have sold the same number of raffle tickets and are content to share the grand prize, but get home to discover their rival sold a bunch to Aunt Nora and has thus won.