Nora Shepherd, is one of the characters in the orginal Jumanji film. She is portrayed by Bebe Neuwirth.

Biography Edit

Nora is first seen with her niece and her nephew moving into the huge house that once belonged to the Parrish family. Nora, took the two children with her, after the death of her brother and her sister-in-law, which occurred as a result of a car accident. Nora is a very beautiful woman, and "particular", but she is also a strong woman, but at the same time scary. When the Judy and Peter find the board game, she is not at home. In fact, on his return, she finds the house completely upside down, a lion in his bedroom, and his nephew almost transformed into a monkey. To make sure that she doesn't disturb them, while they play with Jumanji and thus be able to put everything as it was before, Peter closes her in a closet.

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