Peter Shepherd is one of the protagonists of the 1995 film version of Jumanji, played by Bradley Pierce.


Peter Shepherd

"You're afraid. It's OK to be afraid."

Peter is first seen with Judy moving in Alan's empty house with their Aunt Nora after his parents died in a skiing accident. The deaths of his parents took a traumatic toll on him and made him a mute in the presence of strangers which made social skills difficult in a new school. On their second day of school, He and Judy were coaxed up into the attic by the sounds of drums where they discovered the Jumanji game in the attic and he and Judy began playing the game as Mosquitos and Monkeys appear. Thanks to getting a second turn, he rolls a 5 and releases Alan Parrish from his 26 year imprisonment within Jumanji as well as Lion. After Alan is released out of the game, they accompany him to view the state of Brantford and the Parrish graves: Peter then comforts Alan for the loss of his parents since he missed his too.

Back at the Parrish Mansion, Peter pulls reverse phycology on Alan, where he agrees to help Peter and Judy continue playing the game, but ends up playing himself when he realises the game is still on the round he started in 1969. Once Sarah Whittle rejoins the players, her dice roll summons Jumanji vegetation into the Mansion, triggering the appearance of Pods, one of which drags Peter by a vine into its jaws before he is saved by Alan.

After Van Pelt is released and a stampede wrecks the house, Peter transforms into a monkey while trying to win by deliberately landing a 12 roll, which the game didn't like as it was cheating. Peter retires the game board from Van Pelt but was nearly crushed by an elephant inside the car he retreated into. At Sir-Sav-Alot, Peter manages to stop Van Pelt by using an air tank and a canoe to push Van Pelt in order to save the game.

After Alan shows up after being taken away by Carl Bentley, the four players returned to the Mansion and continued to play as a monsoon flooded the house and two Crocodiles appeared, once of which tried to devour Peter. When Alan and Sarah became stuck in the floor, he uses Alan's dad's axe to repel the giant Spiders and kill the Purple Flower that shot Judy, but he gave up when she collapsed and he comforted Judy as they wished their parents were with them. Because Alan eventually landed a winning roll, the events of the Jumanji timeline were undone and returned Alan and Sarah back to 1969, where they promised to remember Judy and Peter for essentially saving them from their alternate timelines.

By the end of the film, he is seen with Judy and his parents meeting Alan and Sarah, who convince Peter and Judy's parents to start work for the shoe company instead of taking their skiing holiday to Canada, thus preventing their death in the previous timeline. As a gesture of Judy and Peter saving Alan and Sarah from being stuck in the game's timeline, Alan promised the kids that their house was their house anytime.



  • Peter is the only Jumanji player to get double numbers on the dice.
  • In the film's novel, Peter rolls an 8 instead of a 5.