Peter and Judy Shepard find a board game in their attic, but once they roll the dice, they're transported into the dangerous jungle world of Jumanji with a mysterious clue stating "Clear as ice, but worth the price." There they encounter Van Pelt, the vicious hunter. They are saved by Alan Parish, a jungle-man who has been trapped in Jumanji for 23 years. When Judy asks about his clue, Alan reveals he never knew there was one which is why he's still trapped: he's unable to solve his clue and free himself. He decides to help Judy and Peter solve their clue hoping it'll free him. In searching for the answer to the clue, Peter finds and solves a puzzle, which allows the three to return to the real world. Peter cheated in solving it, which Jumanji hates, and he transforms into a monkey. Jumanji's inhabitants begin entering their world, so after once again escaping Van Pelt with the help of Tribal Bob and the Manjis, they are able to return the puzzle to the Manjis. Tribal Bob, in return for Peter saving his life and Peter's honesty, completes most of the puzzle then hands it to Peter to finish. With the puzzle and their clue solved, Judy and Peter return home, but Alan is sucked back into the game as he hasn't completed his turn. Judy and Peter decide to help find Alan's clue and free him as he helped them escape. After Peter gets some treats that Alan likes, the two prepare to return to the game with Judy rolling the dice.


  • The rules of Jumanji are taken straight from the live-action film.
  • Peter transforming into a monkey while trying to cheat is taken straight from the live-action film.
  • The Stampede wrecking the house and vines appearing that forms the house into a jungle are taken straight from the live-action film.

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