Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Some Snakes have a venomous bite, which they use to kill their prey before eating it. Other Snakes kill their prey by constriction. Still, others swallow their prey whole and alive.

In the dimension of Jumanji, Snakes of different sizes appear as lethal predators using different methods of trapping and consuming prey.


All snakes are strictly carnivorous, eating small animals including lizards, frogs, other snakes, small mammals, birds, eggs, fish, snails or insects. Because snakes cannot bite or tear their food to pieces, they must swallow prey whole. The body size of a snake has a major influence on its eating habits. Smaller snakes eat smaller prey. Juvenile pythons might start out feeding on lizards or mice and graduate to small deer or antelope as an adult, for example.

Most species are nonvenomous and those that have venom use it primarily to kill and subdue prey rather than for self-defense. Some possess venom potent enough to cause painful injury or death to humans. Nonvenomous snakes either swallow prey alive or kill by constriction.


In the original picture book, Peter rolls the dice and lands on a space reading: "Python sneaks into camp, go back one space". This triggered the appearance of an eight foot Python, urged around the clock on the mantle piece, which scares the Guide and the Monkeys onto a couch. The Python starts to approach the players while the volcano erupts before disappearing when Judy wins the game.

  • Secret symbol: Saber
  • Number: 3

In the Milton Bradley board game, a Snake has it's own danger card. Rolling a Saber on the rescue die within 3 seconds will defeat the Snake threat.

In the animated series, Snakes appear as common predators, even appearing in the opening titles. While several of Jumanji's wildlife like Snakes are natural, some happen to be creations of Professor J.S. Heinrich Ibsen. In Who Am I?; the players encountered a Giraffe that initially appeared to be affectionate by licking with it's long tongue, however; it turned out to be a Python on the inside and attempted to constrict the players unaware of it's swapped body.

In Mud Boy; The two land in the Jumanji Bayou and encounter Alan who is running from a giant leech monster. The three split up and the giant leech goes after Peter. He nearly gets sucked up by it, but Alan and Judy distract the leech and save him. The leech turns its attention to them, but Alan defeats it by tossing a snake he accidentally grabbed at it and the snake holds its mouth shut.

In the 2017 film, Snakes are present threats, especially when congratulating in large swarms. In the city, the players needed to retrieve a vital clue inside a basket that was guarded by a lethal black mamba, which was bad notes for Ruby Roundhouse because her statistics included a weakness to venom which she exploited later as part of a plan to retrieve the Jaguar's Eye from Russel Van Pelt.