Stormy Weather is the 9th episode of the Jumanji animated series.


Aunt Nora is having guests over, but comes home to find the house a mess. Angry she orders Judy and Peter to clean it up but they go off to play Jumanji again. The two argue with Judy angry at always having to clean up Peter's messes, but Peter rolls the dice and gets the clue "Failure looms but who's to blame, set it right or repeat the game." The two arrive in front of Alan's house and he asks them to help secure his house against the oncoming JuMonsoon is coming. Alan is destroyed by a bold of lightning. Slick gives Peter and Judy a ChronoRepeater to repeat time. The two go back to the moment they first arrive and set out to warn Alan. They convince him to hide in his cave, but he runs out into the storm to check on something and is killed again. This time the two go further back in time and steal Professor Ibsen's lightning rod to protect Alan. The rod works, but hail causes Alan to fall to his death. The next time they use the lightning rod and a rope as a bungee cord, but a sudden flood washes Alan over the cliff. The next time they try the lightning rod, the rope and the Manjis War Canoe, but the canoe hits a rock and Alan goes off a cliff to his death. The two start fighting over the ChronoRepeater and after several resets, it falls off a cliff and is destroyed. On their last attempt, the two put aside their differences and work together to save Alan. This time it works: the lightning rod, the rope, and the canoe save them, but a tornado sucks them up from the canoe. Professor Ibsen's sudden appearance suggests that Alan lasso the lightning rod which pulls them out of the tornado and sends them to Alan's home. The storm ends and the two realize that by working together they've solved their clue and are sucked back home. Remembering Nora's guests, Judy and Peter quickly clean the living room together and get it done in time for the guests who are impressed and Nora gives them credit for their hard work.